Who Are the Deans and What Do They Do?

Anne Adelman, PhD, Dean of the Institute
Terri Judge, PhD, Dean of the Board and Programs

     The Center has two Deans, each appointed for a two-year term.  Anne Adelman, Dean of the Institute, is the point of contact for students, candidates and faculty in the Institute. Terri Judge, Dean of the Board and Programs, is the point of contact for students, faculty and members in the Center and Board programs outside the Institute. Once the Deans  began their work  it became clear that their value was greater if they could work collaboratively  when appropriate.  

     The Deans provide an informal, neutral, independent and confidential place to discuss a concern of any type. For example, you may wish to discuss a concern about fairness of an academic process, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, a sense of bias in personal or systemic interactions, or interpersonal conflicts between student, faculty, or members.     

     You do not need to know what you want to do regarding a concern in order to bring it to a Dean to talk it over.  Meeting with a Dean can be a first stop, where you find help in thinking through the matter, determining next steps and getting the support you need.

     The Deans provide confidential listening. They can help identify and consider options, strategize and/or facilitate a conversation, and provide guidance on other formal complaint or appeal procedures.  A  student or member seeking assistance may begin with a Dean and decide to move forward to the Ombuds Committee, the Ethics Committee, or the Colleague Assistance Committee.

      The creation of the Deans’ positions was born out of our Center’s work to implement the recommendations of our recent DEI consultations and the Holmes Commission Report.  The recommendations of these reports led to the development of new policies and procedures designed to provide more structure and support for all of our students and members.  Along with the new positions of Deans, the Center has also developed a new Code of Conduct, a sexual harassment policy, a grievance procedure policy and an Ombuds Committee.  

     The Deans roles were designed to operate according to the practice of restorative resolutions. The goals are to invite full participation and consensus, to work toward healing what has been broken, to address both tangible and intangible harm, to promote solutions that feel fair, to promote accountability, to seek reintegration and reconciliation, and to strengthen the community by preventing future harm. 

     Meeting with a Dean is completely voluntary and confidential.  They have been asked to serve in their positions because they know the organization well, as well as all of its resources.  

     Please reach out to one of the Deans if you have a concern, and would like a place to start a discussion. 

Anne Adelman:



Terri Judge:

terrijudge29@gmail.com , 


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