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Psychoanalysis as a treatment modality for painful mental afflictions began with Sigmund Freud in Vienna, Austria, in the 1890s. A lot has changed since then, psychoanalysis doesn’t always involve a couch anymore for example, but the aim remains the same: not to treat symptoms but to discover their underlying causes. 

Because psychoanalysis takes time and sessions are more frequent than once a week, it can be a cost-prohibitive consideration for some. WBCP endeavors to make the choice to enter psychoanalysis more available in two ways: a free Referral Service, which connects clients with supervised analysts-in-training and through Members who choose to participate in providing a lower-cost option in their practice. Both of these referral services require you to reach out and contact someone.

Referral & Consultation Service

This free service is designed to help you find skilled and highly-trained psychotherapists and psychoanalysts at affordable reduced-rate fees. These clinicians have extensive training to work with a broad range of mental-health issues, including those related to mood, anxiety, relational problems, and grief and loss. FIND OUT MORE/CONTACT. 

The WBCP is committed to helping patients find cost effective treatment. Members of our Referral & Consultation Service are available to both discuss what options would be best for you and to help you find a therapist or psychoanalyst who can offer that treatment at an accessible rate. Analysts or candidates who provide services are licensed to practice as mental health professionals and have professional liability insurance. If you need a referral, please call us at 202-337-1617.

El WBCP se compromete a ayudar a los pacientes a encontrar un tratamiento asequible. Los miembros de nuestro Servicio de consulta y derivación están disponibles tanto para discutir qué opción de tratamiento sería mejor para usted como para ayudarlo a encontrar un terapeuta o psicoanalista que pueda ofrecerle ese tratamiento a un precio asequible. Los analistas o candidatos que prestan servicios tienen licencia para ejercer como profesionales de la salud mental y tienen un seguro de responsabilidad profesional. Si necesita una referencia, llámenos al 202-337-1617.

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