2024 LGBTQ+ Workshop

Kasey Sedar and J Unterberg


     We are pleased to announce that Sam Guzzardi, LCSW, a New York City-based psychoanalyst trained at the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS), will present “Holding Laplanche Lightly: The Story of Two Queer Treatments” at our fourth annual LGBTQ+ Workshop on October 20th.  Romy Reading, PhD, a candidate at New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and co-host of the podcast, Couched, will be the discussant. A community workshop will take place via Zoom from 1-4pm. Jamie Steele, LMFT, will chair a post-workshop student meeting with Sam from 4:15-5:45. All meetings will be hld on Zoom.

     Survey feedback from the workshop with Avgi Saketopoulou, PsyD, in 2022 reflected an interest in more opportunities to learn about Jean Laplanche, so we are excited for Sam to share his latest thinking on the clinical implications of Laplanche’s theory. Sam writes, “From Queer Studies to Black Studies, from psychoanalysis to literature, the work of Jean Laplanche is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.  In this presentation, participants will hear the stories of two queer patients whose treatment was, borrowing from Donna Orange, informed by an analyst “holding lightly” the theories of Jean Laplanche.  Designed particularly for those who may be unfamiliar with Laplanche’s ideas or uncertain about their relevance to those interested in clinical practice, this presentation will both explicate the fundamentals of Laplanchian theory while avoiding the notion of “applying” Laplanche to clinical work.  Rather, through the telling of clinical story, participants will be invited to experience a Laplanchian sensibility in clinical work, particularly as it applies to issues of queerness and LGBTQ+ experience.”

     Sam’s written work has appeared in The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Psychoanalytic Dialogues, and other major analytic publications. Sam’s paper “The Only Fag Around: Twinship in Gay Childhood” has won several awards, including the Ralph Roughton Award at APsA. His newest piece, “Towards a Queered Psychology of the Self: Empathy and Passibility from the Margin to the Center,” was published this year in Psychology, Self, and Context in January.  

     The LGBTQ+ workshop fulfills the continued education requirements for LGBTQ+ cultural competency. It is in alignment with WBCP’s Diversities Committee mission statement, which encourages and supports all efforts to expand psychoanalytic thought, theory, and practice to value the richness that diversities bring to a deeper understanding of individual and community experiences. 

Spring 2024 Newsletter Articles

Letter From the President

The Center is operating at full tilt, with the usual high level of excellence that we are known for. Simultaneously, we are engaging in diversity, equity , and inclusion efforts across the Center to become a center in which all our members are valued, respected, respectful, and embraced. I will highlight a few of these efforts.

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Dr. Andrew Carroll Awarded 2024 Edith Sabshin Teaching Award

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Andrew Carroll, the 2024 recipient of the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award.  The Sabshin Award was established by the APsaP Council to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions as educators of students who are not psychoanalytic candidates, and those teaching in other settings such as undergraduate, graduate, medical schools, and psychotherapy training programs.

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PsychBytes is Reverting to Re-runs

It is with a heavy heart that as Editor of PsychBytes since 2017, I must announce that we are closing down our 300 word essay publication .  PsychBytes  is prominently displayed on the WCBP website but has suffered a dearth of submissions since early 2022, and not a single submission in the last year.

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