Beyond the Couch

Some additional perspectives to consider.

Off The Couch: Onto the Saddle

In this issue of “Beyond the Couch,” we are pleased to offer you Paula Hamm’s work on bringing psychoanalysis out of the office and, quite literally, onto the saddle. Dr. Hamm’s exceptional work as a volunteer support for equestrian therapy breathes life into the notion that a deep understanding of psychoanalytic principles can guide and expand the impact of life-changing therapeutic interventions. Dr. Hamm recognizes the unique bond between humans and horses, as well as the powerful effect of gaining mastery in the face of vulnerability, in the context of a safe and supportive holding environment.

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Joe was one of the first patients I met when I joined the outreach assertive community treatment (ACT) team. As a member of this team, I have learned the importance of building trust over time.

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