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Psychoanalysis as a mental health treatment modality that began with Sigmund Freud in Vienna, Austria, in the 1890s. A lot has changed since then, psychoanalysis doesn’t always involve a couch anymore for example, but the aim remains the same: not to treat symptoms but to discover their underlying causes. 

Psychoanalysis takes time and sessions are more frequent than once a week. WBCP endeavors to make the choice to enter psychoanalysis more available by listing Members who are in active practice.  Please reach out directly to individual providers if you would like to explore a psychoanalytic relationship.

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Search WBCP members who are currently practicing in the community to find treatment near you. Once you identify someone you might want to work with, you will need to reach out to them individually. Please note: We are a Washington-Baltimore-Northern-Virginia-based organization and our practitioners are primarily in this region.

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