Pathways of Study

Training at all stages of your career.

We welcome professionals from a variety of fields with a shared interest in learning psychoanalytic thought and approaches to better serve the people they work with. Founded in classical Freudian principles, we seek to innovate through programs and trainings that address the needs of contemporary professionals and contemporary communities.

A unique education for those in a variety of fields seeking to train in psychoanalytic concepts and principles to deepen and expand their own clinical work. (2 years)

Comprehensive training in psychoanalytic theory and technique that prepares a candidate to practice psychoanalysis with adults and / or children. (4 years)

Essential training in infant and young-child development that follows the model pioneered at the Tavistock Clinic in London. (2 years)

Bring a psychoanalytic edge to your writing in this unique training for clinicians, academicians, and writers of all backgrounds. 

Intended for advanced graduate students and residents as well as recent graduates with an interest in adding a psychoanalytic dimension to their professional development. (academic year)

The study of psychoanalytic theory and technique as a body of knowledge and framework from which to understand and carry out therapeutic work with young people. (academic year)

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