New Directions in Writing

Thinking and writing with a psychoanalytic edge.


For clinicians, academicians, writers, and the psychologically curious wanting to develop a richer understanding of psychoanalytic ideas to apply to their own work.

Interested in developing your writing?

For 25 years, the New Directions program has helped therapists, analysts, and anyone with a psychoanalytic bent improve their writing, whether for publication or personal use. While some students are widely published and others are just launching writing careers, everyone is invested in developing their authorial skills with the help of colleagues and teachers.

WBCP and guest faculty have explored a broad range of topics over the years, including: memory, gender, trauma, infancy, evil, dreams, the body, creativity, mourning, projective identification, writer’s block, revenge and forgiveness, the writer’s voice, and the psychology of the therapist.

The New Directions writing program, currently online due to the pandemic, is designed around three weekend conferences (February, May, and November). Optional in-person summer and winter workshops and in-person retreats are offered, as are one-day, online craft workshops.


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