Dr. Andrew Carroll Awarded 2024 Edith Sabshin Teaching Award

Karol Kullberg, ACSW, LCSW-C

WBCP VP Board Affairs

     Please join me in congratulating Dr. Andrew Carroll, the 2024 recipient of the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award.  The Sabshin Award was established by the APsaP Council to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions as educators of students who are not psychoanalytic candidates, and those teaching in other settings such as undergraduate, graduate, medical schools, and psychotherapy training programs.

     This award is designed to recognize the significant contribution made to the field of psychoanalysis by these teachers.  The APsaP Council established the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award in 1999 to honor members and non-members of APsaP for their service as educators of mental health professionals in the community.  It is named in honor of Edith Sabshin who was the Founding Chair of the Affiliate’s Council, predecessor of the current Committee on Student/Resident Associates.

     Dr. Carroll was recognized for his many contributions to the George Washington School of Professional Psychology, the WBCP and The New Washington School of Psychiatry.  He is known for his warm and welcoming stance, enthusiastically embracing each student’s particular abilities and interests.  He has taught at the WBCP in our Human Development sequence, as well as Freud and in Clinical Case Discussion and Theory classes. While known for his attention to each student in class discussions, he is also an avid reader and researcher.  He is newly appointed Co-Chair of the Curriculum Committee with Jacqueline Neilson.   In his work in the Curriculum Development Committee, he has shown careful attention and sensitivity to hearing how students perceive and read materials.  Dr. Carroll has also been an active participant and supporter of the WBCP Referral and Consultation Service. 

     Dr. Andrew Carroll joins our most recent  recipients of this prestigious award including Dr. Yulia Aleshina, Dr. Sarah Hedlund, Dr. Paul Gedo and Dr. Chris Miller.  Click HERE for a list of all previous WBCP Sabshin Award winners.  The WBCP is enriched by the generous contributions of our tireless and talented faculty.   

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