You Never Leave Home

“So, are you Russian?” The short answer has always been, yes. The long answer is, “Well, I am a Jew, from a Russian speaking city in Ukraine on the border with Russia, but really from the former Soviet Union.”

Change at a Cost

I recently recalled a moment in my personal analysis in which I discovered that an issue I had brought up many months prior was gone.

Thinking about Death?

Thinking much about death these days? I mean your very own death, the one Sigmund Freud maintains we can’t really think about.

Holiday Connections

Many years ago, I volunteered for a suicide hotline. Although we were trained to take suicidal calls, callers in our four-hour shifts were not always at immediate risk of suicide.

Death, In the Time of Covid

It was early April, and the country was in lockdown but my 13-year-old son, who described himself as my “emotional support human,” and I were driving across an empty landscape to Charleston from Baltimore. My Father was dying.


I had awakened weary from a night of dreaming about Kimmy. In one she was running through a field, frantically searching.

Book Review: “Racist States of Mind”

This past fall, feeling overwhelmed by the increasing expressions of racist hatred in the United States and abroad, I read Neranda Keval’s book, “Racist States of Mind: Understanding the Perversion of Curiosity and Concern.”

What the Body Knows

Friends and I went to see the documentary, “When the Garden was Eden.” I was captivated by this Knicks “dream team” of black and white players uniting Manhattan during a time of racial conflict.


At first glance, endings are quite different in literature and treatment. In literature we assume that the writer has a story arc in mind that organizes the writing.