Obsessed With Losing

Being a serious sports fan is pretty addictive. My interest in the Red Sox began in my tenth summer. They needed to win just one of the season’s last two games to clinch the pennant, and they did what innocent me thought would be impossible – they lost both.


Migration in biology is linked to geographic displacement in the service of survival, in which there is an advantage to be gained; life is protected, the survival of the species and the individual is the goal.

Book Review: “Racist States of Mind”

This past fall, feeling overwhelmed by the increasing expressions of racist hatred in the United States and abroad, I read Neranda Keval’s book, “Racist States of Mind: Understanding the Perversion of Curiosity and Concern.”

Moral Injury

Thousands of soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are re-entering civilian life with invisible wounds: some with post traumatic stress disorder from killing or witnessing death and dismembering injuries, but also with moral injuries, which may be hidden or medicated with alcohol and drugs, and which require different treatment approaches than fear based trauma.


While traveling in New Zealand I took a tour at Te Papa Museum led by a Maori Elder, who deepened my understanding of “the dreaming,” which underpins aboriginal religion, ethics, and art.

Rhythms of Baseball

The rhythms of baseball are the rhythms of analytic therapy are the rhythms of life.