You Never Leave Home

“So, are you Russian?” The short answer has always been, yes. The long answer is, “Well, I am a Jew, from a Russian speaking city in Ukraine on the border with Russia, but really from the former Soviet Union.”

Thinking About Culture and Aggression

Conflict is a pervasive phenomenon charged with emotions driven by difference in cultural perspectives. That applies to conflicts ranging from wars between countries to small “misunderstandings” between individuals.

Here, There, Everywhere

I had a dream recently. In my dream I am sitting in my bedroom waiting for my next patient. No, I didn’t see patients in my bedroom until the pandemic started.

DARKness IS SADness

An important part of a psychoanalytic treatment is discovery. How can you deal with a problem if it is out of your awareness or you have no words to describe it?


Many patients wonder how therapists can receive and contain the grievances that they need to voice in treatment without retaliation or resentment.


Even in a world where one feels mostly accepted, we can at times feel alone and excluded—removed from others whose lives we perceive as more whole, more fulfilling, better.

Uncomfortable Living

One really cold December morning I was driving to my office, listening to a C-Span Washington Journal archive from June 2017. I heard Zachery Wood, president of the Uncomfortable Learning Club at Williams College, testifying in a Senate hearing on Free Speech on College Campuses.

Dreams of My Father

I was twice a refugee from the Holocaust – first, from Austria to France and seven years later, from France to the United States.

Obsessed With Losing

Being a serious sports fan is pretty addictive. My interest in the Red Sox began in my tenth summer. They needed to win just one of the season’s last two games to clinch the pennant, and they did what innocent me thought would be impossible – they lost both.