No Words

On a recent trip to Germany, I was very interested to see their modern art, to see what sense the people are making of who they are.  Contemporary psychoanalytic thinking holds that some facts of human existence cannot be said but rather shown, as expressed in the arts.

Cezanne Repeats…and Repeats

Cezanne asserted, “There is no line…a bloodless contour should not be trusted.” All of us, we love to tell, to repeat our stories, our memories, but does it do us good?

Today’s Analyst at Work

When I tell people I’m a psychiatrist, sometimes they ask, “So, are you a Freudian, a Jungian, or a Kleinian?” As an insight-oriented therapist and psychoanalyst, I think we have entered a new era in which such labels no longer fit.

Raising Her Voice

All of my life I have been a woman of faith. St. Francis De Sales says the purest form of prayer is the cry of the heart.

A Poet Has Been There

Cleaning out old files, I came across a reading list for a humanities class I had been curious about. One title was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s allegory, “Birthmark”.

The Wicked Stepmother Revisited

Beloved folktales have universal appeal as they enshrine powerful unconscious fears and fantasies from old feelings of dependency and helplessness in childhood.


What do Van Gogh’s paintings, a can opener, the small pox vaccine, a smart phone, the salad you prepared recently and Beethoven’s 9th symphony have in common?


When I play the flute I enter another world. I stop being occupied by my every day life. In many ways, unlike spoken language, music transports me into a world of sound, rhythm, melody, song, and emotion.

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