Greta Carlson, Psy.D., presented her paper, “Translating Between the Abstract and the Concrete: Working Psychodynamically in the Psychiatric Hospitals of Today and Tomorrow,” at Washington Hospital Center’s Grand Psychiatry Rounds on July 28th, 2023. The paper, originally presented at Division 39 of the APA’s 2021 Spring Meeting, explores how psychodynamic and systems-level thinking can be applied to shorter-term psychotherapy cases in the inpatient setting with children and adolescents. The paper can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Tyger Latham, published three book reviews. 

Latham, T. (2023). [Review of the book Masculinity and it’s Discontents: The Male Psyche and the Inherent Tensions of Maturing Manhood, by M.J. Diamond]. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 71 (2): 354-359.

Latham, T. (2023). [Review of the book Sexuality Beyond Consent: Risk, Race, Traumatophilia, by A. Saketopoulou]. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 71 (3): 550-555.

Latham, T. (2023). [Review of the book History Flows Through Us: Germany, The Holocaust, and the Importance of Empathy, edited by R. Frie]. The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 92 (3).

Jon Meyer’s photographic portfolio, “Just Another Pretty Landscape,” was published in LensWork, No. 163, June 2023, pp. 38-51.  There is irony in the “pretty landscape” title in that the portfolio is a study of an industrial facility making wood products and  its impact on the surrounding land has not been pretty.  LensWork is the premier publication for art photography.  Sixteen of Jon’s images are in the print edition, 17 in the tablet edition, and 27 in the extended computer edition.  The link to the promotional pages is HERE.  Scroll down the page to see his sample images.  His psychoanalytically-based photographic studies of the inner landscape of the mind, “In the Mind’s Eye” and “Inner Darkness,” were published in FotoNostrum Magazine, #13, March 5, 2021, pp. 70-85.  The link to the sample page is HERE.  His “InnerDarkness” series was published by itself in Black & White Magazine, 155, 2022, pp. 108-111.  The link to the spotlight portfolio and other of his images is HERE.   His website is

Charlie Parks, along with colleagues Karimah Edwards, Psy.D. and Kurt Ela, Psy.D., received the William Licamele, M.D. Distinguished Teacher Award for “outstanding performance and contribution to teaching in the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program” for the 2022 – 2023 academic year.

Rick Waugaman, has several recent publications on Shakespeare.

In the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter:

Previously Unnoticed Biblical Echoes in The Tempest and in Hamlet

‘Back, friends’ or ‘Backe friends’

In a new Routledge book:

What Shakespeare Teaches Us about Psychological Complexity

Rick edited a recent issue of Psychoanalytic Inquiry, contributing these pieces:


The Origins of Modern Literary Theory in the Repudiation of Autobiographical Readings of Shakespeare’s Sonnets 


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