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Margarita Cereijido, PhD

• Organized (as chair of WBCP’s Cultural Competence Conference, together with the Community Outreach Committee), the virtual conference “Gender Diversity and Reproductive Justice: Connecting the Dots”.  

• Organizes and moderates, together with Anne Adelman, the ongoing COWAP NA -WBCP Film Series: Discussions on Gender.  In January they discussed the film “A Fantastic Woman”.  

• Co-chaired the COWAP International Conference: “Women in Different Cultural Context: Giving Voice to Silence”. In it she presented her paper “Psychological Meaning of a Society Not Having Reproductive Rights”, and she chaired the film discussion panel: “Different ways of Women resistance”. 

• Co-chaired at the last International Psychoanalytic Association Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia a pre-Congress Work Group organized by the Inter-Committee on Child Abuse Project and COWAP.  Gave a paper on “The idealization of Motherhood”, and a paper on “The immigration of the analyst: Beyond mourning and enrichment, reflections about inhabiting different cultures today”.   Chaired the COWAP film panel that discussed the film “Hava, Maryam and Ayesha”.

• Spoke at the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute’s Scientific Meeting.  Her talk was titled “Exploring and Supporting New Notions of the Feminine: Challenging Psychoanalysts’ Gender Prejudices in Vertiginously Changing Times”.

• Published the chapter Nociones Cambiantes de lo Femenino y del Amor, (“Changing Notions of the Femenine and of Love”), in Poder, Genero y Amor (Power, Gender, and Love) by P. Alkolombre, G. Cardo, and A. Romano, Letra Viva, Mexico, 2023.   

• Created, with other COWAP NA members, the COWAP NA Virtual Gallery, which is linked to the IPA’s website.  Its images reflect women’s despair and anger at losing reproductive rights. The gallery can be viewed at:

Thomas Franklin, MD

• Has been named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  Distinguished Fellowship is awarded for significant contributions to the psychiatric profession in multiple areas.   

Samuel T. Goldberg, MD

• Published “Protestant and Psychoanalytic Reflections on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” in the International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, Volume 11, Issue 2, February, 2024. Here is the link to the article.

• Dr. Goldberg’s Book Review of Concerning the Nature of Psychoanalysis: The Persistence of a Paradoxical Discourse, by Gregorio Kohon has been published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Vol 70, Number 6, December, 2022

Paula Hamm, LCPC, LPC

• Was the guest speaker in December 2023 for a national/international series called Let Me Introduce You;  Writer and Psychoanalyst.  This webinar was chaired by Memoir author, teacher, educator Marion Roach from New York.  The title of the conversation was On Writing Into  Trauma. Paula Hamm is cited in the Introduction to Marian Roaches second edition of her book The Memoir Project.

• Published Voices; The Art and Science of Psychotherapy, Journal of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Winter 2023  Inviting the unconventional.  Volume 59 #2 Volume 59 No.2   “Benchmarks” by Paula Hamm pages 81-86.  The essay highlights the psychoanalytic process of mourning with being seen by the other can lead to hope. 

• Chaired on February 7th for the 25th time the Discussion Group Psychodynamics of Religion and Spirituality at the American Psychoanalytic Association that met in person for the winter meetings.  Together with Drs. Jonathan Lear and Paul Marcus the discussion centered on “Mourning, Transience, and Gratitude: Trinity of Change.

John Hartman, PhD, FABP had the following publications:

• J.J. Hartman (2022). Primary Process Mentation and Neurotic Symptoms. In R.H. Berry, ed. The Science of Psychoanalysis: Festschrift for Howard Shevrin. Queens, NY: IP Books, pp. 145-162.

• J.J. Hartman (2022). Psychoanalysis. In L.. Kurz, ed. The Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict, Vol.2. Cambridge, MA: Elsevier, pp. 606-612.

• J.J. Hartman (2023). The Emotional Appeal of Shared Fantasies in Nazi Propaganda. International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies.

• J.J. Hartman (2023). Hitler’s Error of Memory: Symptom or Propaganda Ploy? Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health. 8(1).

• J.J. Hartman (2024). Marching in Montgomery: A Memoir of the Civil Rights Movement. Queens, NY: IP Books, in press.

David Scharff had the following publications:

• Scharff, D. E. (2023) Teaching and Learning about Children in China. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child.

• Scharff, D. E. (2023) Review of Workplace Intelligence: Unconscious Forces and How to Manage Them.  By Anton Obholzer.  New York:  Routledge, 2021DOI: 10.1177/00030651231159114

• Scharff, D. E. (2023). How far do current theories and techniques go towards helping the families and couples of today? Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, 13, 84–93.     Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 71 (1) 170-173.  DOI: 10.33212/cfp.v13n1.2023.84

Richard Waugaman, MD

• Gave a presentation on “The History of our View of Multiple Personality Disorder” at a meeting of the Washington Psychiatric Society on October 28, 2023.  

• Gave a paper titled “Chestnut Lodge’s Broken Promises: Or, Did Cancel Culture Kill Chestnut Lodge?” at the William Alanson White Institute online colloquium on “Utopian Dreams, the Promise & the Peril: From the Sullivanians to Chestnut Lodge and Sheppard Pratt” on  November 10, 2023.

Spring 2024 Newsletter Articles

Letter From the President

The Center is operating at full tilt, with the usual high level of excellence that we are known for. Simultaneously, we are engaging in diversity, equity , and inclusion efforts across the Center to become a center in which all our members are valued, respected, respectful, and embraced. I will highlight a few of these efforts.

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Dr. Andrew Carroll Awarded 2024 Edith Sabshin Teaching Award

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Andrew Carroll, the 2024 recipient of the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award.  The Sabshin Award was established by the APsaP Council to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions as educators of students who are not psychoanalytic candidates, and those teaching in other settings such as undergraduate, graduate, medical schools, and psychotherapy training programs.

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2024 LGBTQ+ Workshop

We are pleased to announce that Sam Guzzardi, LCSW, a New York City-based psychoanalyst trained at the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS), will present “Holding Laplanche Lightly: The Story of Two Queer Treatments” at our fourth annual LGBTQ+ Workshop on October 20th.  

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