Objects of Desire

People have collected almost everything imaginable, and, although it may be impossible to fathom why some items are desired, for the individual collector, these objects have deep meaning.

Gut Feelings

The body is part of the mind. There’s more than a mind-body connection. “I feel so heavy and weighed down by my losses.”

Emotional Triggers

In traditional Freudian theory, a gun symbolizes the penis and having a gun represents power and dominance: protecting, threatening or destroying.

Self Hatred and Self Respect

In Baltimore, the curfew is lifted and the police have been charged and indicted in Freddie Gray’s death. But the question persists; why do residents attack the very places in which they live?

First Love*

Emotions matter. Pretending that emotions do not exist creates dissonant background music that, eventually, cannot be drowned out by pleasurable distractions.

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