Stacia I. Super Memorial Ethics Conference

Via Zoom

The keynote speakers will be Dr. Christine Courtois and Carrie T. Ishee, LPCC and the discussant will be our own Dr. Richard Waugaman.  In keeping with Dr. Courtois' new book, Sexual Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy, she will be exploring various ethical considerations associated with sexual boundary transgressions made by therapists. The #MeToo movement, documenting sexual […]

COWAP Revisiting the Maternal: Maternal Eroticism in the Analytic Setting

with Andrea Celenza The analyst’s vitalizing activity, as reflected in the analyst’s invitation to be, in the offer to take in the analyst as an object of love, to receive what the analyst transmits, and the taking in of other components implicit through nonverbal means (through gaze and displaced touch) are all components of a healthy analytic process. These are all aspects of healthy maternal eroticism as well. […]

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