The WBCP is a dynamic and highly productive organization. The array of our activities is truly astonishing, given our size. Some are longstanding, while others are recent, or brand new. Because we have so many activities, our members often hold multiple roles and contribute countless hours to keep it all running. There are too many individuals to name, and it is hard to acknowledge and thank all who deserve our appreciation. Instead, I am recognizing programs and committees below and expressing gratitude for all who serve in these many ways.

Under the Program Management Committee, we currently operate no less than 13 active programs. The chairs, committees, and faculty that power these programs are the outward face, as well as the lifeblood of our Center. The PMC houses the Psychoanalytic Fellowship, New Directions, Couples and Family Therapy Training, the Baltimore Film Series, the DC Film Series, the Scientific Meetings Program, which orchestrates four annual conferences, the Washington Area Case Conference, the Clinical Psychotherapy Program, the Study Group Program, the Observational Studies Program, the Research and IRB Program, and the Referral and Consultation Service. 

The WBCP Board of Directors is composed of dedicated volunteers, from among our membership and the wider community. The Board committees provide the structure, and perform many critical functions for our organization. These include the Membership Committee, the Community Outreach Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Colleague Assistance Committee, the Ombuds Committee, the Diversities Committee, the Diversity Task Force, the Finance Committee, PsychBytes, and the Scholarship Committee.

Our commitment to training is centered in the Institute, where faculty, advisors and supervisors devote themselves to psychoanalytic education.  Faculty as well as students play vital roles in shaping the educational experience for our future psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists by serving together on many committees including the Admissions, Recruitment, Curriculum, PSP Steering Committee, Faculty and Program Evaluation, Faculty Development, Distance Education, Student Progress Committee, Candidates Progress Committee, Supervising and Training Analyst Development Committee, and Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis Committee.

Outside of the Center we are proud to be affiliated with esteemed institutions like George Washington University, Howard University, Georgetown University, Children’s Hospital, St Elizabeths, Sheppard Pratt and University of Maryland. Our instructors and supervisors from WBCP generously donate their time to teach and train in these local programs, seeding interest in psychoanalytic ways of thinking and working in the broader community.

At WBCP, we are, in essence, 

an army of volunteers, and our community thrives because of the passion, dedication, and generosity of our members. Our programs and initiatives are ambitious, but those who become involved find the opportunities for professional growth, meaningful connections, mentorship, and leadership to be highly rewarding.

Among all of these roles, some require full membership, such as chairing programs and committees, supervising, and teaching. However, many roles are open to Basic members and Friends. Students and candidates, as full members are involved at many levels. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in becoming more involved to say “yes” and jump in. If you are not sure what you might like to do, or how to become more involved, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the WBCP leadership to express your interest. We will help you find a fulfilling role.

The WBCP community is a collection of dedicated members bound by our common passion for psychoanalysis, and lifelong learning.  We extend our deepest gratitude to our member volunteers for their invaluable gifts of time and energy. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the many opportunities that await you. 

Terri Judge, Ph.D. (she/her)

Vice President of Education

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