A Message from the Executive Director

Our Center offers many excellent programs and learning opportunities.  These events frequently offer continuing education units (CEUs) to those who participate in them.  For many of our members this is one of the most important components of their participation with WBCP.

The CEUs are available to licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists as well as licensed professional counselors.  We are authorized to provide these CEUs though our affiliation with the American Psychoanalytic Association (APSA) and the American Psychological Association (APA).  We regularly go through certifications and qualifications with these organizations to make sure we are meeting the highest professional standards required by these professional licenses.

The process to qualify to award CEUs to program participants starts months before the program is announced to the membership.  Program managers need to gather information about the specific learning objectives which will be covered by the program.  In general, each hour and learning objective qualifies for one CEU.  Managers must gather academic articles and research that support the educational objectives.  

A detailed programming document is then prepared describing not only the measurable academic achievements of the program but also narratives explaining what participants will be able to learn through their participation.   The Center staff often assists program managers with the completions of these forms.  These complete applications must then be peer reviewed before they are sent to APsA.

Only once the program has been submitted to APSA, can the Center begin to publicize the event as offering CEUs to the wider membership.  You may note at the bottom of our program flyers there is very specific language about the award of the CEUs.  This is important as certain professionals look to fulfill their licensing requirements.

It is also a requirement of our accredited programs that a post-event survey needs to be completed before the Center can issue the credit.  These survey’s are very important as they show the efficacy of the programming but also give us valuable confidential information that we can use to improve future programs.  We are unable to issue CEUs to those who do not complete the surveys.

It is a rigorous process and it ensures that the quality of the programming we offer meets the high standards of the licensing authorities.   The Center’s registration system keeps a record of completed courses and the issuance of CEUs.  If you are interested in putting on a program or have questions about your CEUs be sure to give the office a call so we can assist you.

Joe Chirico, Executive Director

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