New Directions – “Poetry and Psychoanalysis”

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This weekend conference will be held online using the Zoom platform. February 2-5, 2023 “…that strange being, the Creative Writer.” -S. Freud in Creative Writers and Day-Dreaming (1908) The enormous creativity of the unconscious mind is the raw material of both poetry and psychoanalysis.  Ever since Freud began to publish his startling new ideas about the existence […]

New Directions – “Sisterhood”

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May 5-7, 2023 Before women had access to capital in the public sphere, powerful sibling bonds and deep female friendships were captured in the literary imagination. Now, on the streets and in blog communities, feminist collectives of all genders inspire resistance projects that are reshaping the meaning of sisterhood. This conference will consider the representation […]

New Directions – “Life After Death: How the Pandemic Has Transformed Psychic Life”

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November 3 – 5, 2023 There used to be no house, hardly a room, in which someone had not once died. (Rose, 2021, p. 4) The majority of Covid deaths have occurred in the isolation of the hospital room, not in a home.  We– none of us — are allowed to touch the dying for […]

New Directions – “Trauma of Discovery – DNA Surprises. The Redefinition of the Narrative Arc of Self”

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February 2-4, 2024 Many, curious about their ancestry, turn to 23 and Me searching for answers to the complicated question, “Who am I?” Yet, what happens when a mere globule of saliva, the extraction of DNA strands from cells, brings into question a person’s basic identity? How do we, as therapists and writers, begin to consider the […]

New Directions – “Psychoanalysis: We have a Story to Tell”

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May 3, 2024 Freud understood the power of stories, captivating the world with his case histories of Dora, Little Hans, the Rat Man and the Wolf Man. Stories fire the imagination. Yet over the years, psychoanalytic writing grew obscure, bogged down in complicated jargon and theory. Writers utilize psychoanalytic ideas not only to fully develop […]

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