Fees for Training Analysis, Psychoanalytic Supervision and Academic Consultation

The following fees apply to Candidates enrolled in the Adult Division, or currently enrolled in the Adult and the Child and Adolescent Division:

  • Fee for supervision: A maximum of $65 per appointment.
  • Fee for Academic Consultant (Academic Candidates only): A maximum of $65 per appointment.
  • Fee for training analysis: Fees are negotiated between the Candidate and training analyst.

Individuals who are interested in psychoanalytic training but are concerned about the costs may arrange an appointment with the chair of the Admissions Committee, through contact with the Executive Director of the Institute.

Fee policies are reviewed periodically by the Education Committee.

Tuition & Fees

Application Fee: $250
Introductory Candidate Level (Prior to Matriculation): $325
Matriculation Fee: $120  Payable at the time of registration for Level 1 courses
Annual Registration Fee: $100  Due at the time of course registration
Annual Literature Fee PEPWEB: $35
Tuition: $2,500:    Levels 1 through 3
$l,700:     Levels 4 and beyond*

*These are guidelines only.

Tuition is due by June 30. For the convenience of Candidates in making payment, one-half of the total fees may be paid by June 30, the remainder by December 3l. Failure to make payments when due disqualifies the Candidate from class attendance unless arrangements for deferred payment have been made through the Faculty Advisor.

Late Registration Fee: $90
Leave-of-Absence Fee: $250  Per Year-Adult and/or Child Division
Graduation Fee: $130


A fee of $125 will be charged annually to any Candidate whose situation requires more than the usual financial record keeping by the administrative office.

In general, the Institute does not refund fees after a Candidate has begun classes. If an accepted Candidate decides not to enroll two weeks or more prior to starting classes, fees will be refunded, less administrative costs of $275.

If a Candidate who is receiving V.A. educational benefits withdraws or is dismissed from the analytic training program during the course of the academic year, that individual will have returned to him/her the prorated portion of the total charges (tuition, fees, and other charges) paid to the Institute for that particular academic year. The prorated charges will be based on the number of months remaining at the time of withdrawal in a nine-month academic year. The Institute will retain $75 for administrative costs.

Financial Aid

V.A. Educational Benefits

The Institute’s training programs are approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for V.A. educational benefits under the G.I. Bill. Candidates should apply directly to the V.A. Regional Office to determine eligibility.

Candidate Assistance Fund

This fund is administered by The American Psychoanalytic Association and is a potential source of interest-free loans to eligible Candidates to assist with the costs of psychoanalytic education.


Candidates in the Adult Division are pre-registered for all required courses in their level of curriculum progression. Registration is required for courses outside the progression year.

Registration for courses in the Child and Adolescent Division must be received by the Institute not later than June 30.

Our Institute upholds a commitment to provide the best possible psychoanalytic training. Over the years, we also have had the pleasure of helping medical researchers, writers and those in academia enrich their understanding of human behavior through Academic Training in Psychoanalysis. Whether your goal is to train as a psychoanalyst or a psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapist, or your interest is to deepen and refine your knowledge of human dynamics as applied to your field, we invite you to join us in learning at the Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis.