Transfers of credit to the Institute for theoretical and clinical instruction may be accepted from Institutes approved by The American Psychoanalytic Association, and in some instances from Institutes which are not affiliates of the American. Candidates whose Institutes have waivers for training from The American Psychoanalytic Association may arrange for the transfer of the waiver from the original Institute to the Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis. Inquiries should be directed to the administrative office of the Institute.

Following dismissal or voluntary separation from the Baltimore Washington Institute, a former Candidate may request that records be sent to another Institute. The Institute will forward a statement of courses completed, numbers of patients treated, duration of treatment and number of hours of supervision completed for those patients. The Institute provides factual information only; it does not make recommendations concerning the qualification and fitness of Candidates for admission to another institute. If any ethical infraction led to dismissal or separation, that infraction may be noted.