The Institute provides mental health professionals with information and assistance concerning the Institute’s educational programs. For those considering the possibility of analytic training, we would be pleased to arrange for a mentor. The Mentorship Program goal is to clarify and enhance an individual’s interest in the field of psychoanalysis. The mentor offers information and suggests resources that will augment the mentee’s understanding of what defines psychoanalysis, what kind of work psychoanalysts do, and in what activities psychoanalysts are involved. The mentor also informs the mentee of current activities, programs, and services offered by the Institute and Society. The mentor may direct the mentee to literature relevant to the particular interests of the mentee. The mentor may help clarify the mentee’s career goals and the extent of their interest in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic ideas.

The Mentorship Program is not a recruitment or advocacy program. The mentor-mentee relationship is confidential and the mentor does not inform or influence the admission process should the mentee apply to the Institute for training. Further information about the program is available upon request. It may be obtained by calling the Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis at (301) 470-3635 or (410) 792-8060. You also may the Institute administrative office. Your e-mail should include: name, professional degree, mailing address, home phone, and office phone.