Yvonne DeCuir, PhD

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute & Psychoanalytic Studies Program
Charles Parks, PhD

New Directions
Robert Winer, MD
Kerry Malawista, PhD

Contemporary Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy Training Program
Linda Grey, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Leon Levin Psychoanalytic Film Festival 
Noreen Honeycutt, PhD

Psychoanalytic Takes on Cinema
Katherine Marshall Woods, PsyD
Sarah Hedlund, PhD

Fellowship Program in Psychoanalysis
Anita Bryce, PhD
Arthur Stein, MD

Research/Institutional Review Board
Pavel Snejnevski, PhD

Psychoanalysis, Creativity and the Arts
Rosa Aurora Chavez, MD, PhD, Chair

Marshall Alcorn, PhD-Literature 
Johanna Arenaza, PsyD-Dance
Bernard Arons, MD-Music
Robert Fenton, MSW-Theater 
Joanne Gold, MSW-Arts and Aesthetics
Silvana Kaufman, MSW-Film
J. David Miller, MD-Visual Arts

Conference Committee

Terri Judge, PhD

  • Raphling Conference
    Cornelia Lischewski, PsyD
  • Cultural Competence Conference
    Margarita Cereijido, PhD
  • Stacia Super Memorial Ethics Conference
    Robert Fenton, MSW
    Jennifer Unterberg, PhD
  • LGBTQI Conference
    Jennifer Unterberg, PhD
  • Colloquium
    Sarah Hedulund, PhD 
  • Saltz Program
    Under the Oversight of the Child Committee
  • Paul Gray Conference
  • Klein Conference
    Lindsay Clarkson, MD
Study Groups
Blair Bunting, MD
Washington Case Conference & Seminar Series
Judith Chertoff, MD
Lizbeth Moses, PhD
Aimee Nover, PhD
Clinical Psychotherapy Program
Bonnie Gallagher, LICSW; MSW; LCSW-C