Psychoanalytic Studies Program


Can I take the program on a part-time basis?

Yes. We recognize that some students may not be able to take the program on a full-time basis, whether because of job conflicts, travel requirements, child-rearing necessities, illness, and the like. A student considering part time study should confer with one of the program co-chairs to develop a workable academic plan.

Are all the students in the PSP required to be in supervision?

Students who are practicing clinicians are expected to complete 60 hours of supervision. Students whose work is in other fields (academia, administration, journalism, research, etc.) would not be in supervision. Such students could discuss with their advisors the possibility of having a mentor who could meet with them at a suitable frequency to discuss the application of what they are learning in the program to their own work.


Are PSP students required to be in psychoanalysis? What resources are available for personal analysis?

Only PSP students who also are accepted into the Institute as candidates are required to be in analysis. For PSP students, who are not current candidates, who want to be in analysis but need assistance with the fee, the Center will make every effort to help find an analyst who will work with them at a fee they can afford. The Center will make available a listing of analysts who have time available at an adjusted fee. The fee for analysis is determined by analyst and student together. Students who enter an adjusted fee analysis during their training will be able to continue their analysis under the same conditions until its natural conclusion.  Fees will be adjusted as the analysis proceeds in response to changes in the student's financial situation.

How much time will the program take each week?

The Tuesday classes will run 4 ¼ hours. Reading assignments are under 50 pages a week for each course. If you are taking the two regular courses plus the Freud course, this might mean four to six hours of reading a week. Supervision would be an additional hour. Apart from travel time, this means about 9-11 total hours a week.

What happens if I miss some classes because I’m sick or traveling?

If students miss more than two meetings of a course, they will be asked to do some supplementary work related to the missed material, usually a short piece of writing.  This will be arranged with the teacher(s).  If they miss more than half the meetings of a course, they will effectively not have taken the course, and they cannot get credit for it and will need to retake it at a later time.

How do I find a supervisor?

We have provided a panel of about fifty-five members of the faculty who are able to offer supervision to PSP students for $75 a session. Supervision is weekly and one-on-one. Each student admitted to the PSP will be assigned a PSP Steering Committee Member, who will hep with finding a supervisor well suited to the student's particular needs and interests and who will answer other transitional questions.

I am already accepted as a candidate in the Institute. Can I start doing psychoanalytic work?

If you have been accepted as a candidate, in addition to the PSP courses, you can begin to see your first training case, when you have spent a sufficient period of time in your own personal analysis and your supervisor recommends to your advisor that you are ready to undertake work with a control case. Your advisor will the present your request to the Institute Progress Committee.