Ann Alaoglu

Dr. Ann E. Alaoglu, MD
Graduate Psychoanalyst; Psychiatrist

4701 Willard Avenue, #217
Chevy Chase, MD

TEL: 301-652-0095
FAX: 301-951-5887


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Specialty: Psychotherapy with Children; Medication consultation; Psychotherapy with Adolescents; Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy with Adults; General Psychiatry; Psychotherapy with Adults

Other Specialty: board certified in pediatrics


Board certified in Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Graduate psychoanalyst and member of the teaching faculty. I was on the staff of Chestnut Lodge in the 1990's and have worked at residential treatment centers as well as special education settings. I have extensive experience with adolescents and children with emotional disturbance as well as ADHD, and learning disabilities. I see them in psychotherapy as well as ;medication management. I see adults in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. I like to combine therapy and med management, but I also manage meds for other therapists of adults, adolescents and children.


Gender: Female
Accepts Insurance: N
Takes Child Patients: Yes
  • Graduate in Psychoanalytic Studies Program