Climate and Psychoanalysis Conference (WBCP and CFS sponsored)

October 22 - 23, 2021

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Save the Date:
 “Awakening to the Existential Threat of 
Environmental Collapse”
A New Imperative for Psychoanalytic Clinicians
Friday evening, October 22, and 
Saturday, October 23, 2021
Live Program via Zoom
Co-sponsored by:
The Contemporary Freudian Society
Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis
Washington School of Psychiatry


This conference is dedicated to the memory of Harold Searles, MD
“My hypothesis is that man is hampered in his meeting of this environmental crisis by a severe and pervasive apathy which is based on feelings and attitudes of which he is unconscious.  The lack of analytic literature about his subject suggests to me that we analysts are in the grip of this common apathy.” Harold Searles, MD 1972


Conference Committee: Carolyn Curcio, MSW, Patricia Garcia Golding, MSW, Maurine Kelly, PhD, Karyne Messina, PhD, Emily Schlesinger, MSW


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